This page list various videos / documentaries done about homelessness. The solutions can be found among these videos. While watching these videos, it may seems that the solutions are out there and that humanity will end homelessness soon, however, homelessness is still there. We need to watch these videos again and again, and keep taking action, until we actually end homelessness. Below the videos, we list possible causes of homelessness, and possible solutions.

The video below is posted on Oct 28, 2018.

The video below is posted on Aug 19, 2019.

The video below is posted on Nov 13, 2017.

The videos below is posted on Sep 11, 2017.

The videos below is posted on Aug 29, 2019.

The videos below is posted on Apr 3, 2016.

The causes of homelessness:

  1. Teenagers not listening to their parents
  2. Family violence
  3. Gangs / Mobs
  4. Failure of our prison system
  5. Failure of our economic system
  6. Failure of our education system
  7. Greed (corporate greed, and personal greed, big tech expansion)
  8. Economic gap / displacement
  9. Lack of affordable housing
  10. Bad luck (lay-off, accident, divorce, health issues)
  11. Lack of understanding, kindness and compassion (on the part of the people not experiencing homelessness)
  12. NIMBYism: who would want to live in a neighborhood containing at least of an ex-criminal, drug addict, or a sex offender?

Not all homeless people start out using drugs. A large number of homeless people are normal people like you and me. They, for some reason (bad health crisis, bad accident, or losing their job during an economic downturn) find themselves on the street, and unable to get back onto their feet. Have you ever seen a homeless person and thought that person can be me? In today’s economy, many Americans are struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck, and people over 40 have a hard time finding a job after a lay-off. Do you have sufficient money saved up in your bank account? What would happen if you cannot find a job after six months or a year?

Are you sure that you won’t be homeless after a bad divorce, a bad accident, a bad health episode, or a lay-off? Many homeless people turn to drugs to forget the painful unfortunate reality. Worse of all, the shortage of affordable housing is severe such that there are homeless families with young children living on the street or bouncing between shelters.

As of today, we have not succeeded at ending homelessness yet. Possible solutions:

  1. Build more permanent supportive housing (affordable housing + supportive services). Part of the problem with this is the cost. Cities are exploring to use tiny homes, but are facing tough pushbacks. As we understand, when president Ronald Reagan cut funding for the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department in half in 1982, that triggered homelessness in America almost overnight. HUD was created as part of president Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty 1965 to address America's housing needs, and since president Ronald Reagan cut HUD funding in 1982, funding for HUD had never returned to what it was previously. We should call on Congress to fund HUD and restructure HUD so that it is self-sustainable and is not subjected to future budget cuts. We created a post on Facebook:
  2. Tougher rent control laws
  3. Better zoning laws
  4. Protection programs that assist people who recently lost their jobs (assist with rent, job searching). Introduce a law that require landlords to refer people to the city government for help the moment that people miss a payment, or a law the require employers to inform employees to check with their cities for assistance during the separation process.
  5. Strengthen the unemployment insurance law. Make people pay higher amount, but make the unemployment benefit period longer.
  6. For charity organization to be effective, focus on building relationships and getting to know the people at individual level.
  7. Call on large corporations such as the Olympic organization to declare a war on poverty where they set up a charity where people can donate, and they will monitor the charity. This charity will operate around the globe. This charity will work with local government and experts to address the issue.
  8. Build affordable housing outside of major metropolitan area or rich cities. In other words, build affordable housing in surrounding yet developed cities, and provide incentives for companies to create jobs in these cities. This avoid the NYMBYism issue.
  9. Community courts -
  10. Coordinated low barriers single entry point:,
  11. Have a program that re-integrate inmates
  12. Create a law that mandate government at each level to have a saving program such that during good years, instead of just cutting taxes, and paying off debts, the governments must also put money into this saving program. The purpose is to guard against lay-offs when the economy is down. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not because the government can always create stimulus packages. Where does the money for these stimulus packages come from? This money can only be used for specific purposes such as for extending unemployment benefits. We should also create a law the requires the IRS to review yearly salary / bonus of executives of companies that receive bailouts. This laws make it illegal for executives to receive salary raise or bonus for two years if the company receive bailout money.
  13. Explore using businesses to end homelessness. HomelessToFarmers was started with this idea. There is no law that requires a nonprofit to survive just on donations. A nonprofit can have other sources of income. The idea is to create nonprofits or B-corps that have sustainable business plan, and to use the income to create more business opportunties, jobs, services to help homeless people recover.

There are many things broken with our society (homelessness, stress, violence). HomelessToFarmers is committed to ending homelessness, poverty, and advance society. We are 100% supportive of the Housing First approach, calling on Congress to increase funding and restructure HUD, but we also want to raise money to buy a farm, because that will also allow us to advance society in different areas such as reducing crimes, gangs, domestic abuse, violence, racial discrimation, etc. If you are a wealthy person, a corporate, a government office, a foundation that can financially support our work, please click on the potential donor button. To make a small contribution, please click on the Donate button.